Landscape Architecture

(All photos ©D. Matlack 2000-2008)

These photographs were taken in Prospect Park, Brooklyn; South Salem, NY; Kennett Square, PA; and Scarsdale, NY. (Landscape artist for first two photos, Kendal at Longwood: Margy Mott; Landscape architect for Scarsdale project: Exterior Motives Landscape Architects)

Autumn in Prospect Park, Brooklyn

Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn

Prospect Park

Planters outside of swimming pool, Kendal at Longwood, Kennett Square, PA

Planter in front of Farmhouse, Kendal at Longwood

Garden bench, Le Chateau, South Salem, NY

Lamb sculpture, Kendal at Longwood, Kennett Square, PA

Garden estate, Scarsdale, NY

Garden estate, Scarsdale, NY

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